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Neil Hagenbrok is a digital artist living in Denver, Colorado.

Hagenbrok works primarily in time-based digital media like short, animated videos and GIFs, where he explores the implicit and sometimes uncanny relationships between abstract and figurative images. Through this juxtaposition of forms, he draws across various frames of reference like classicism, the Bauhaus, abstract expressionism, absurdism, popular culture, and industrialization to explore notions of corruption, weirdness, satire, and camp. The meaning of these works is emergent and involves an iterative, experimental process of gathering designed objects and letting them communicate amongst themselves, creating possible narratives in a video or GIF.

He is a recent graduate from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a Master of Fine Arts degree, concentration in Digital Studio Arts.

Neil Pix Cropped 6-8-2022 v4 IMG_1372 (1) copy.jpg
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